PLAY – Project Opportunity in Romania

Dear volunteers! 
Are you from Spain, France or Italy? 
Are you between 18-30 years old, speak English, and are interested in interacting with different disadvantaged communities in a small town in northern Romania, in the field of learning and solidarity.

This project is for YOU!

Volunteers will be involved several times a week in activities in poor neighborhoods, one day in each neighborhood. They will be community educators, so they will spend time with the residents of marginalized neighborhoods trying to understand the problems they face, and then they will guide them in the first steps towards solving them (offering the contact of the specialist who can intervene, communicating the situation of the project team, organizing community meetings, etc.). If there is a problem in the community that is not on our list, it will be transmitted so that specialists working in the community can intervene. Also, being preventive, they will be encouraged to organize workshops for children and young people on the topics addressed. Young volunteers will receive support from local volunteers (Romanian youth in high-schools) in all these steps to facilitate communication and work within the community.

Project Placement

  • Baia Mare town, Maramureș, Romania

Project Dates

  •  December 2, 2021 – May 21, 2022 – 172 days
  • 1st of December, 2021 and 22nd of May, 2022 are travel days


  1. promoting a healthy lifestyle
  2. standing against violence & bullying
  3. offering educational support through non-formal education


  • Accommodation is in rented flats, in the city.
  • Rent and expenses (up to a certain point) are paid by our organization. Volunteer is in charge of: cleaning, assuming responsibility for the flat.
  • Pocket money and food money provided per month / volunteer (paid in local currency, once a month in cash).
  • Materials for activities and local transportation is also provided.
  • International travel to and from Baia Mare: reimbursed after the project, based on distance calculator and original tickets/invoices.
  • Training activities and help in integration in the local community.
  • Romanian language classes provided.


  • Welcome to Romania and T4UTH
  • Intercultural Dimensions of our work
  • Team-building and getting to know each-other
  • Support from the T4UTH project team in the preparation and promotion of activities.
  • A mentor for the supervising of the learning process and local integration.
  • A coordinator to supervise and help with the activities.
  • Helpful local volunteers to aid you and provide support in the activities.
  • A language teacher.
  • A ”buddy” to go with you to the activities (help in orientation and translation)
  • Social workers and volunteers from other NGOs (working with the communities in the project) will support and guide you in your activities.


  • 18 – 30 years old
  • residency in the mentioned countries
  • interested in topics as social inclusion, nondiscrimination, nonformal education, health.
  • looking to help the local community & the organization
  • good motivation for working with kids & youth from poor communities
  • believe in social inclusion & kindness
  • are comfortable with learning a new language

How to Apply

Make sure you have a solidarity corps ID. To get one, join the corps here:

Apply to: