Public Cafe – Carnaval de Non Formal


Thank you all for coming to the public café and share your thoughts! ❤️
It was a pleasant, interesting, empowering and inspiring moment! That’s how we have to fight to get our rights ♀️

? We will share the conclusions of our conversation.

”We decided we want to know more about women’s life goals and if their gender has any role to play in deciding which  of these goals are and how to achieve them. Then we broke the idea into five separate sub-aspects which became discussion topics at our world-cafe. We had 5 tables, each with a topic, a moderator and a selection of inspirational quotes from successful women. Participants were encouraged to choose a topic of their liking for start, go to that table, and have a 15-20 minutes talk on the subject. After that, they would choose another topic/table, and then another, until all tables were visited by all participants. In the end the moderators of each table presented a summary of what was discussed to the entire group. During the entire event there was a bar available, extra informational materials and links to feminist topics, and an open feedback chart.”