EVS Stories: Home Sweet Home by Thibault Gueguin

At the beginning of August I came in Romania for an EVS project. It was the first time for me in another country, far from my family and my friends.

First week was hard to find my way, but finally all the volunteers helped me. I quickly adapted to the culture of Romania. The first month was the most important because I had to get used to plan and to prepare different activities.

The first step was to improve my English in order to communicate more easily with different people. First, to communicate with the volunteers that I lived with in the same flat, and second, to communicate with the people I met during my project, the beneficiaries. It was hard to switch from French to English, but finally, with time, it became easier and now I can have a conversation without any problems. Regarding the activities, at the beginning, I felt the language barrier but, with help of the local volunteers, I realized that the children are the same all around the world, they want to play, laugh, dream and smile.

At the end of the project, I don’t miss anymore my country, I feel like I’ve always been here. There is slogan «Home sweet home», now my home is also here.

I learnt that, no matter where you came from, the solidarity and  the community is a global idea.