The final episode on the key procedures regarding the European Voluntary Service. Our volunteers from ”In 4 EVS” project wanted to share with you some tips and tricks to help you better get prepared to undertake an EVS stage. Remember – ”EVS is a life changing experience!” Best to stay ahead and be prepared!


Te-ai întrebat cum sună cuvintele din terminologia Erasmus Plus – Serviciul European de Voluntariat în mai multe limbi? Mai mulți voluntari au vrut să împărtășească din cunoștințele lor în acest video educativ: 


Simplified version of the EVS process of finding a project, going and ending the stage.
Planning on giving Erasmus Plus EVS a try? This is the video for YOU!


Interview with Inma Calderon and Monika Szekely at ”Context Urban” TV show, dedicated to youngsters from Baia Mare. The interview was live on TL+ Television on 12th of October, with the theme of local volunteering, EVS and the project ”In for EVS”.