Method: Hot Potato
by Thibault




  • Learn how to work when there is a kind of pressure.
  • Energize the children.
  • Learn to count from 1 to 10 (when they don’t know).

MATERIAL : 1 ”hot” potato, if possible (if not, a balloon, rock, small ball etc.)

DESCRIPTION : One person from the group goes in the corner of the room (or somewhere else if it’s outside, but not looking at the group). The rest of the group makes a circle and starts giving the balloon in a sense. The person outside of the group starts to count from 1 to 10 and the last person who has the balloon when it gets to number 10, is eliminated. This continue until they are only three people and the last 2 person are winners.

EVALUATION : Did you had fun? Do you fell more energyzed? Are you more focused? Is it hard to work under pressure?

RESULTS :  Children are more attentive and ready to focus to the next activity. It can be used also during an activity, when the children loose their motivation in the subject, to get them out of this condition.

TIPS : When they are less than 6, the last person with the balloon will not be eliminated but will change the place with the person who counted before.