Method: “Epervier”
by Anthony

TARGET GROUP:  6-14 years

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 20  (1 child alone)

DURATION:  20 min

AIM: To work physical reflex. You can play this game if the children are very energetic.

MATERIALS: A playground around 20 meters and a chalk or other objects. The playground should be large enough for all the players, it depends on the number of participants.


  • For the beginning is necessary to choose the sparrow hawk. Once chosen the sparrow hawk, the participants can choose his place. The other players place themselves at an end of the ground, behind the line.
  • When the start signal is given, the players must cross the ground without getting caught by the  sparrow hawk. The players touched by the sparrow hawk are made prisoners and don’t take part anymore in the game. They join him if they are out.
  • Then, a new wave is launched and the players try to cross again the ground. So on, until there remains no free player or until the last player is touched by the sparrow hawk. This player is declared victorious and becomes the sparrow hawk for the next part.
  • The winner will be the last free player or the last player touched by the sparrow hawk.


  • The animator should decide when they stop and when they change the game.


  • This game is perfect to use their energy and to work physical reflex.