Method – The Clap Ball
 by Simone

TARGET GROUP: Children/Teenagers (age 6-16)


DURATION: 15 Minutes

AIM: Create harmony in the group, make them cooperate to reach an aim, to give and receive trust.

MATERIALS: No materials needed.


  • Arrange the group in a circle
  • Invite all the group to put their hands forward like they hold an imaginary ball
  • Explain the rules:

This game has three rounds:

First round:

In the first round, the first player turn to the player on his right, and they try to clap their hands together by only looking in their eyes

  • The second player try to do the same with the player on his right
  • When someone fail, the game starts again from the first player
  • The aim of this round is to complete the circle without errors

Second round:

  • In the second round, the first player has to make eye contact with a player in the circle, and they have to clap together
  • The second player has to make eye contact with another player
  • This round finish when in the group there is a certain harmony, a good speed and not so much errors

Third Round:

  • In the third round, everybody in the group has to clap their hands in the same time.


  • How do you feel after?
  • Were you frustrated when someone failed?
  • How it felt to do this game, after a while, without errors?


After this game, you will notice that people start to feel more comfortable in the group, and you can easily ask to do another game, or make something more difficult, or more silly, without meeting opposition in the group.
They also will not say or think that they felt bad if someone failed, because after a while they reached the aim, in this way the members of the group who failed will not feel bad but more confident and comfortable in the group.


  • Make clear that it’s not competition, but cooperation (The players do not have to fool other players with fake claps of hand, they have to understand the right time to clap together);
  • Do not explain the rules of all the rounds in just one time. Just explain the rules for the next round when it’s time to play the next round;
  • In the third round, after it finished, probably people will start to clap and make a round of applause. Don’t stop it, just let it go. Also, if this doesn’t happen, it’s good that you start a round of applause, people like to be encouraged;
  • This works good when people know each other, but when people don’t know each other, it’s even better because this game make connection and trust in minutes.