Method: Cat and mouse
by Lola




Usually, fifteen minutes, but it hasn´t got an exactly time to finish. It depends on the children and if they have more or less interest in the game.


  • Create a funny and carefree atmosphere.
  • Create a moment just to play. A time of disconnection.
  • Teamwork.


No need for materials, but it´s advisable that the game takes place outside or in a place with space for run.


  1. There are one cat (pisică) and one mouse (șoarece). The other children will be spread in couples over the game area: they have to be arm in arm, one looks to one side and the other looks to the opposite direction.
  2. In the one hand, the cat´s objective is to catch the mouse and on the other hand, the mouse has to run to escape. If the cat catches the mouse, they change the role, the mouse becomes cat and he/she has to catch the new mouse.
  3. When the mouse wants to stop running and be safe, he/she can take the arm of one of the partners that they are in couple: so the mouse takes the arm of one boy/girl and in this moment they make a new couple, they should be in the position explained at the beginning… And the partner located at the other side of the new couple is the new mouse!
  4. The game continues for several rounds more.


Firstly, for the evaluation, you can watch the children’s reaction and you can understand if they like or not the game. Secondly, you can ask several questions, for example:

  • How did you feel during the activity?
  • What surprised you in the activity?


  • If the kids are having fun during the game and you only can listen to laughs and see smiles, it means you managed to create carefree atmosphere.
  • If they only focus their attention on the game, it means they disconnected from all their responsibilities and problems.
  • If they try to help the others to escape from the cat, we can say the teamwork´s objective is met. So, they learn to help others that have problems being fast or don´t know the game very well. Also, they encourage each other, so they improve their confidence.
  • If they have a lot of energy and, at the end of the game, they are exhausted, it’s good, because they became calmer.


  • It´s recommended to explain the game with examples. The kids will understand better the game if you do so.
  • The volunteers can also play the game so that they can help during the game.
  • The volunteers can say the name of the children when she/he is the cat or the mouse because sometimes the game is really fast and they are confused.
  • This game is both enjoyable to play and entertaining to watch, if someone can´t play or don´t want to, it is possible only to watch because the situation created during the game it’s really funny.