Method: Draw on my back!
by Silvia



DURATION: depending of the numbers of participants.


  • a message without looking,
  • paying attention,
  • using nonverbal communication,
  •  stimulating tactile perception,
  • having fun.

MATERIALS: sheets of paper and a pen.


  1. The children have to create a line.
  2. The last in the line has to draw with his fingers on the back of the child in front of him a simple thing (a circle, a letter, a number etc.).
  3. The person that is receiving the message has also to draw the same thing on the person’s back in front of him.
  4. All the children have to repeat the drawing without seeing, until the first child in the line.
  5. The first has to draw on a sheet of paper the thing that he thinks the others have drawn.
  6. If he understands, he has to go at the back of the line and he has to restart the game. If not, the others have to repeat the sequence but drawing another thing.

EVALUATION: Do they pay attention? Have they the patience to wait until all the children draw? Is the game easy to understand? Are they able to guess and have fun at the same time?

RESULTS: Children pay more attention and have fun especially if the message is not understood.

They remain on hold and concentrated to see if the others draw properly.

TIPS: If there are more people, you can create two teams and have a competition. You can use the game on different occasions, adapting it to the age of children and the environment. Children can stay standing or sitting.